About Us

Our Mission & Vision

RPMG is a medical billing and management services company that focuses on the radiology specialty. Our mission is to help radiologists maximize revenue through our innovative processes and advanced reporting and analysis. Our vision is to maintain high levels of service and quality to our clients and grow strategically.

Our Values

Integrity: RPMG staff and our partners are expected to conduct business with absolute integrity. We believe trust is earned through transparency and candidness with our clients and stakeholders.

Quality: RPMG is committed to the highest quality standards. We provide timely and accurate information that supports decision making and we are attune to industry trends and policy changes that impact our business.

Performance: Performance is our sole determinant of success. We strive to reduce volatility while maximizing revenue for our clients.

Innovation: At RPMG we do not rest on our laurels and our processes are constantly evolving to maximize performance, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. We are willing to form a hypothesis, test and measure, and make changes.